Red Star Guitars is an online retailer for guitar parts and accessories.  We stock the best new parts and components for everything from simple upgrades to new builds.  RSG also provides hands-on guitar technician services in Olympia, Washington including setups, upgrades, repairs, and maintenance.

The Red Star Guitars story began in 2010.  I had been working on my own guitars for 15 years prior, having spent countless hours learning from some of the best luthiers and guitar techs in Southern California.  I had gotten to the point where I was buying guitars in rough shape, fixing them, and reselling them for some spare cash.  I called this “guitar rehab”.  Ultimately, it was the overwhelming positive feedback from the people buying my new-and-improved guitars that pushed me to make a legitimate business out of it.

I expanded Red Star Guitars to become an online storefront and began selling many of the products I was already using in my repair work.  Every item listed on this site has been proven to be high quality and affordable – the two most important things when building, restoring or upgrading a guitar.  I use these products every day, I know them inside and out, and I can say with confidence that they are the best bang for your buck.

In 2016 I launched Rockville Guitars, consisting of hand-finished and assembled guitars that are based on iconic shapes and constructed with modern components.  The specs are based on my own experience with certain brands, styles, and tones, yet most aspects of the build are fully customizable.  Rockville guitars are built in small quantities and available on a limited basis.

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