….and we’re back

Taking a break isn’t always easy.  Especially if you are moving 3,000 miles, across 8 states, from coast to coast.  It’s not the first time I’ve done it, but it is the last time I’ll do it (I hope).

So… why move from North Carolina to Washington?  Well, it could have gone something like this…. while having a great time at the State Fair, I decided to indulge in a frozen lemonade.  While taking a rest, enjoying the cool afternoon breeze, my gaze settled on one of those fortune teller booths.  I had a few bucks left over, so I decided to go pay a visit to the Conjurer.  Wow, this was some real-deal swami!  This guy told me all my wildest dreams would come true but instead of voting for Pedro, all I had to do was “go west”.  Like to Nashville?  “Farther” he said.  Memphis?  “Even farther”.  Branson?  “Keep going” he said.  Austin?  He finally broke character and yelled “For Pete’s sake, go all the way to Washington!” and resumed his animatronic-like gestures.  How could I argue with the guy?  I mean, not just all my dreams will come true, but even the wild ones too!  I had to go and go quickly!

Of course, none of that is true.  I mean, a great time at a North Carolina fair…. cool afternoon breeze… had a few bucks left over… these things just don’t happen.  Ever.  The real reason for the move, as boring as it may be, is that North Carolina just wasn’t the right place for me and my family.  We gave it a go but now we’re gone.  We are, however, happy to be in Washington State (not Washington DC, I would never say I was happy to be there) and we plan to be here for quite some time.  Things will be returning back to normal here with the RSG site shortly, and I plan to get back into building Rockville guitars very soon.  I’ll be working on a new prototype model, and I’m itching to get started.