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….and we’re back

Taking a break isn’t always easy.  Especially if you are moving 3,000 miles, across 8 states, from coast to coast.  It’s not the first time I’ve done it, but it is the last time I’ll do it (I hope). So… why move from North Carolina to Washington?  Well, it could have gone something like this…. […]

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Russian Caps Are Here

My latest shipment of NOS PIO caps from Russia has arrived and will soon be added into inventory.  K40Y-9 and K42Y-2 caps are the most sought-after PIO caps for use in guitars and with good reason – they are built to Russian military specs so they are reliable and they sound fantastic as tone capacitors […]

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New Site Launched

After too many hours (which led to many days, weeks, and months), I’m happy to announce a fully redesigned site for Red Star Guitars.  The last site was built on an e-commerce platform that was tough to maintain which meant that fulfilling orders was a real chore.  I’ve streamlined the overhead considerably, allowing me to […]

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