Instagram Take-Down

One minute my Instagram account was up, the next minute it was Instagone.  So what happened?  It goes something like this….

I created an Instagram account to share pictures of guitars and the work that I do.  Some pics were of incoming guitars that were going to be for sale, some were of my own personal guitars, some were of the various tools that I use in my guitar building and repairs, some were of the actual repairs and modifications as they were happening, and some were of various tips and tricks that I like to share with the guitar builder/repair/do-it-yourself community.  I also posted pictures of a number of Rockville guitars in various stages of production.

I generally stay away from social media, I’m not one to share my life with everyone and their brother, but I got a lot of positive feedback from people on Instagram and I was becoming part of the community among other builders and guitar techs.  That is until my Instagram account got shut down due to “trademark infringement”.  Apparently some group of overzealous morons called Yellow Brand Protection, hoping to score a few bucks from Fender, tagged four of my pictures as infringing on Fender’s trademarks for body and headstock designs.  I guess at Instagram it’s four strikes and you’re out.  The four pictures were of Rockville guitar parts that were being prepped for paint and finishing.  Little did these people know that I paid a license fee, brokered by a third party, to Fender for the use of their body and headstock shapes.  It gets better…

So Instagram doesn’t have a customer service group, nor do they have any means to contact them when your account gets disabled or hacked or whatever.  Their site says to contact the party claiming the infraction directly and if they can be swayed to change their mind, they will notify Instagram to re-enable your account.  So how do these bozos have a direct line to Instagram but no one else seems to?  I contacted Yellow Brand Protection multiple times and got zero response.  Big surprise, I guess the “Yellow” refers to the line down their back.  I also contacted Fender and got no response from them either.

So, with no other options, I have no choice but to create a new account.  Oh, but wait, when your Instagram account gets shut down they also tag your IP address and any attempts to create a new account are blocked.  Nice huh?  I don’t know why I even bothered with any of this, but I’ll give it one more chance.  If this happens again then that’s it for me, I’ll find another means to share my work.  This is one of the reasons why I don’t like social media and the pitfalls of providing content related to your personal and professional life to a company that cares more about advertising revenue and promoting celebrity nonsense.  I know, it’s 2019… get off my lawn!

So the new Instagram account is under Rockville Custom Guitars and will focus primarily on Rockville content.  Find it here: at least until it gets shut down…