New Site Launched

After too many hours (which led to many days, weeks, and months), I’m happy to announce a fully redesigned site for Red Star Guitars.  The last site was built on an e-commerce platform that was tough to maintain which meant that fulfilling orders was a real chore.  I’ve streamlined the overhead considerably, allowing me to add a number of new features to site.  First, I’m expanding the product offerings.  Next, I’m including instrument repair and tech services.  Finally, I’m adding a section for technical articles.  The previous site had the same goals but I never quite got there.

I’m about to “up” my camera game with a new studio setup for better product pictures.  I will be adding more and more items to inventory over the next week and all of the current pictures will be replaced with new ones shortly after.  I’m also overhauling my wiring kits to have better distinction between the two different levels (now called Standard and Pro) and they will allow customization on-the-fly through this website.

More to come…

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