Paul Reed Smith Pro Wiring Kit


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Paul Reed Smith Pro Wiring Kit

Our Ready-To-Go (RTG) Pro kits are comprised of components that are among the best and most reliable in the industry. These brands are regularly used in some of the most demanding environments and they stand up to years of use (and abuse) and continue to provide outstanding performance.  You will notice an immediate improvement in overall tone at any volume, a more effective volume and tone control, and solid pickup switching.

The RTG Paul Reed Smith Pro Wiring Kit includes the following components:

  • (1) CTS 500k vintage J taper pot
  • (1) Alpha 500k push-pull pot
  • Switchcraft right-angle 3-way switch and extended deep nut
  • CDE/Sprague Orange Drop .022uf capacitor
  • Treble bleed capacitor and resistor mod
  • Switchcraft #11 input jack
  • 2′ black wire
  • 2′ white wire

This kit replicates the PRS McCarty switching with a 3-way pickup selector and a push-pull pot for coil splitting, as used in the Custom 22/24, Standard 22/24, CE 22/24, and McCarty “core” models. The reduced rotating resistance of the CTS vintage taper pot matches really well with the Alpha pot, making for more consistent performance from both the volume and tone controls.  Our kit also uses the correct Switchcraft right-angle toggle switch as used by the PRS factory.  This is the perfect upgrade for your PRS SE or S2 guitar, or to convert your core guitar from the 5-way rotary switch to 3-way switching.

*Note: All CTS and Switchcraft components are manufactured to standard US specs. If your guitar was made outside the US, there’s a good chance that it has components that were built to metric specs (even some US-built guitars have metric components). In order to upgrade to US components you may need to widen the openings where the pots mount to the body or pickguard. If you have questions or need advice on upgrading your guitar, please contact us.

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Paul Reed Smith McCarty Style Pro Wiring Kit. Includes everything you need to upgrade your PRS SE or S2 guitar to USA “core” specs. Pots, caps, switch, jack, and all wiring.  PRS, Custom 22, Custom 24, Standard 22, Standard 24, CE24, CE22, Mira, Vela, Singlecut, 594, SC245, CTS, Alpha, Switchcraft, Orange Drop, Sprague. replacement, guitar upgrade, guitar build, american.