Tele Custom Wiring Kit

Tele Custom Wiring Kit

For most people, our Ready-To-Go (RTG) wiring kits offer a complete upgrade for the traditional Strat or Tele style guitar.  But for the player that's looking to go beyond the traditional and be able to create a unique wiring kit, our Custom kits are for you.  With access to our full inventory of components, you can build a custom kit to fit your needs.  H-S-S Strat?  S-H Tele?  H-H?  We've got you covered.  Plus, when you buy components through our kits, you save at least 10% off the price of buying them separately.  Nobody else offers a kit builder like this!

The Custom Tele kit starts with a typical configuration for 3 pickups and 3 controls:

  • 2 pots - choose 250k, 500k, push-pull.
  • 1 cap - choose Orange Drop or Russian PIO.
  • Treble bleed capacitor and resistor mod
  • 1 selector switch - choose Oak Grigsby blade or Switchcraft toggle.
  • Switchcraft input jack - choose standard or long thread.
  • 2′ black and 2′ white wire - choose standard PVC or vintage cloth.

Unsure about any of the options you see?  Take a look at the number of Tech Articles here that provide information on which components may be right for you.  Still not sure?  Head over to the Contact page and send a message - we'll help you out!

*Note: All CTS and Switchcraft components are manufactured to standard US specs. If your guitar was made outside the US, there’s a good chance that it has components that were built to metric specs (even some US-built guitars have metric components). In order to upgrade to US components you may need to widen the openings where the pots mount to the body or pickguard. If you have questions or need advice on upgrading your guitar, please contact us.

Weight .6 lbs

Our Tele Custom wiring kit allows you to mix and match from our inventory of pots, caps, switches, and wiring options for a truly unique kit.  Fender, Tele, G&L, ASAT, S-500, Squier, Tribute, Grosh, Suhr, Tuttle, Anderson, ESP, LTD, Chapman, Epiphone, Dean, Ibanez, BC Rich, Charvel, Ernie Ball Music Man, Sterling, Godin, Jackson, PRS, Paul Reed Smith, Reverend, Schecter, Washburn, Yamaha, CTS, Alpha, Switchcraft, Russian NOS PIO, Orange Drop, Sprague. replacement, guitar upgrade, guitar build, american, capacitor, potentiometer, paper-in-oil, import, asian.