Tele Vintage Wiring Kit


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Tele Vintage Wiring Kit

Our Ready-To-Go (RTG) Vintage kits are comprised of components that are designed to capture the tone and feel of vintage instruments while incorporating consistency and reliability.   These brands are regularly used in some of the most demanding environments and they stand up to years of use (and abuse) and continue to provide outstanding performance. You will notice a more transparent tone with a fuller range than before. CTS vintage taper pots also have less rotating resistance for easy volume and tone changes, making volume swells and wah effects effortless.

The RTG Tele Vintage Wiring Kit includes the following components:

  • (2) CTS 250k vintage taper solid shaft pots
  • Oak Grigsby 3-way blade switch
  • Russian NOS K42Y-2 .047uf paper-in-oil capacitor
  • Treble bleed capacitor and resistor mod
  • Switchcraft jack
  • 2′ black push-back wire
  • 2′ white push-back wire

Want to customize this kit?  Check out our Custom Tele Kit and choose from the full inventory of components.

*Note: All CTS and Switchcraft components are manufactured to standard US specs. If your guitar was made outside the US, there’s a good chance that it has components that were built to metric specs (even some US-built guitars have metric components). In order to upgrade to US components you may need to widen the openings where the pots mount to the body or pickguard. If you have questions or need advice on upgrading your guitar, please contact us.

Weight .6 lbs

Vintage wiring kit for Tele style guitars.  Pots, cap, switch, jack, and all wiring.  Fender, Strat, G&L, Legacy, S-500, Squier, Tribute, Grosh, Suhr, Tuttle, Anderson, ESP, LTD, Chapman, Epiphone, Dean, Ibanez, BC Rich, Charvel, Ernie Ball Music Man, Sterling, Godin, Jackson, PRS, Paul Reed Smith, Reverend, Schecter, Washburn, Yamaha, CTS, Alpha, Switchcraft, Russian NOS PIO, Orange Drop, Sprague. replacement, guitar upgrade, guitar build, american, capacitor, potentiometer, paper-in-oil, import, asian.