Rockville Guitars

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Rockville Custom Guitars are built in small production runs and incorporate some of the best parts and features available:

  • Top grade ash and alder bodies made to vintage specs
  • Maple necks with maple or rosewood fingerboards with rolled edges
  • Jumbo or medium-jumbo Jescar nickel steel frets, fully dressed and polished
  • Thin nitrocellulose lacquer finishes with wear options from mint to mangled
  • Gotoh locking tuners and vintage style tremolo unit (Austin model) or hardtail bridge with compensated saddles (Delta, Monterey models)
  • A wide assortment of single coil and humbucker pickup options
  • CTS pots, Oak Gigsby or Switchcraft switches, NOS Russian PIO or Sprague Orange Drop caps
  • Gator cases

The current Rockville lineup:

The Austin is my take on the classic S-type guitar made famous by an extraordinary musician from Austin, TX (hint: his initials are SRV).  The classic combination of an alder body with a maple neck and 3 hot single coil pickups sets the foundation for the Texas blues tones we all know and love.  With that said, the Austin can be configured to be anything you want it to be.



Ah yes, the Delta blues.  One of the earliest forms of blues music based out of the Mississippi Delta region of the US.  So simple, yet so rich and widely influential.  Much like the T-style guitar that the Rockville Delta is modeled after.  Combine a swamp ash body with a maple neck and a pair of bold single coil pickups and you’re ready for jam night on any stage in any city.

It may not have the iconic bloodline of the Austin or the Delta, but the Monterey’s unique tone and features will not disappoint.  Featuring a hardtail bridge and a pair of filtertron pickups, the Monterey has a versatile tonal palette that fits right in with the best of ’em.

The ZFG, as in Zero F*cks Given, is the black sheep in your guitar rack.  It’s not exactly pretty, and it’s certainly not tame, but it is oh so satisfying to play!  This rude dude starts with a little bit of Austin, a little bit of Delta, and a whole lotta attitude thanks to a high output humbucker connected to a single volume pot and no tone control.  You, too, will give zero f*cks about what anyone thinks of this guitar, especially as your melting faces and kicking ass.

Pictures to follow shortly, but if you want to inquire about a Rockville guitar, please use the Contact form and I’ll get back to you.