I am offering select maintenance and repair services to musicians in the Olympia, WA area.  Please refer to the list below for available options.  If you need something that is not listed below, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Rates are handled on an hourly basis rather than per job. I charge a bench fee of $80/hr with a 30 minute minimum, and many jobs can be completed within the first 30 minutes.  Of course, if you have a very quick/simple job, the cost will be fairly adjusted.  In my experience, this benefits the customer much more than billing for different jobs separately because you only pay for the time spent on the work and if there is time left over, we can add other work as time allows.  So, for example, let’s say you need a volume pot replaced and it takes 20 minutes to do that.  I’ve already got the strings off at that point, and with 10 minutes left I can polish the frets and re-string the guitar.  I find that customers appreciate this type of service.

Setup and Maintenance
- Basic SetupNew strings, lube nut, set action and intonation, inspect bridge performance.
- Advanced SetupNew strings, lube nut, polish frets, clean and condition fretboard, set action and intonation, inspect bridge performance, lube switches and pots as needed.
- Fret Level, Crown, Polish, and SetupLevel all frets, add fall-away between frets 15-24 (per request), crown frets, polish to mirror finish. Includes Basic Setup.
- Change PickupsAdd or replace pickups using existing electronics. *Replacement switches, pots, caps or body modifications available at additional cost.
- Replace ElectronicsCommon mod to replace metric import electronics with US-spec components. Electronic components sold separately.
- Round/Roll Edges of FretboardRoll fretboard edges for more comfortable playing. Currently not available for gloss-finish maple necks.
- Replace/install neck (bolt-on)Replace existing neck with customer-provided neck, transfer of tuners and string guides (as needed). New bone or graphite nut available for additional cost (if needed).
- Replace/install new bridge or tremoloInstallation of new bridge or tremolo, adjust saddles and intonation.
- Replace/install new tunersReplace existing tuners or install new tuners, includes drilling new retention holes. Shims are available for additional cost (if needed).

Please use the form below to get in touch with me to discuss your service needs in more detail.