*Please be advised that due to COVID restrictions on businesses operating in Washington state, availability of the following services may be limited.

If you’re in the South Puget Sound area and you need work done on your guitar or bass, you found the right place!  I am offering guitar and bass maintenance and repair services to musicians in the Olympia, WA area.  Please refer to the list below for a sample list of services offered.  If you need something not listed below, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Setup and Maintenance
Guitar/Bass SetupNew strings, set action and intonation, clean pots and switches, inspect bridge performance.
Buzz KillString buzz caused by a tall fret. Level, crown, and polish up to 3 frets.
Full Fret Level, Crown, Polish, and SetupLevel frets, add fall-away between frets 15-24 (per request). Crown, dress, and polish frets. Includes a full setup.
Nut ReplacementReplace existing nut with a new bone or graphite nut.
Replace PickupsAdd or replace pickups using existing electronics.
Upgrade ElectronicsReplace worn existing components or upgrade to better components. Switches, pots, capacitors, wiring, jacks.
Shield Control CavityShield the control cavity with copper tape or conductive shielding paint to reduce interference from noise, hum, and external radio frequencies.
Replace Bridge or TremoloReplace existing bridge or tremolo with a higher quality, better performing one.
Replace TunersReplace existing tuners with a higher quality set.
Round/Roll Edges of FretboardRoll the fretboard edges for a worn-in, more comfortable playing feel.
Relic HardwareUsing existing or new hardware. Take what's new and make it look old (but not disgusting). We prefer to make the wear look authentic and realistic, but we can go as mild or extreme as you want.
Replace or Install New Neck or BodyReplace an existing neck or body or help with assembling a new build.

Generally, I charge $70/hr bench fee with a 1/2-hour minimum charge, but the total costs are estimated following some discussion around the guitar, the current condition, and work needed.  Consultations are no charge.

I run an honest business and my goal is to help your guitar play its best which, in turn, helps you play your best!  So if you would like the services of a true professional, click over to the Contact page and let me know what you’ve got going on.