It’s been a great ride.  Like a rollercoaster, there’s been ups and downs, twists and turns, and never a dull moment.  However, no ride lasts forever and that’s the case with RSG.  I am winding down operations and scaling back custom guitar builds, eventually taking this back to a being a hobby.  It’s not an easy decision, but there are two main factors that led me to this decision:

Local business restrictions: I live and operate this business in an area where the state and local governments have taken heavy-handed actions toward small businesses over the past few years.  Collectively, we’ve had such unrealistic limitations and restrictions imposed that I’ve basically had to stop interacting directly with the public or face huge fines.  Frankly, I’m tired of playing the game.  Politicians are getting paid way more to make questionable decisions than I am in repairing and building guitars.

Supply chain issues: Nearly all of the parts and supplies that I use and sell are made in the USA.  However, many of the raw materials for those parts are sourced from other places in the world.  It’s become extremely hard to maintain stock on certain items (like vintage taper pots).  One of my suppliers has been out of stock for over a year on some of my most popular products and they have no idea when they’ll have more to order.  I don’t make much money on parts because it’s competitive and there’s not much margin, so it doesn’t make sense to continue working from a limited inventory.

I keep hearing that things will eventually return to normal, but I’m not sure what that means because I’m not seeing much of anything that resembles what I thought was normal.  Maybe down the road I’ll reconsider, but for now I need to focus on other things to make a living and improve my spiritual health.

The inventory of items for sale on the RSG site will be maintained to ensure it’s consistent with the Reverb listings, but once the items are sold out, they most likely won’t be restocked.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who has supported RSG through the years.  Your trust in my work and my business means more to me than you know.

“Don’t take no bullshit from nobody” (Doug Pinnick, King’s X)
“Play guitar” (John Mellencamp)